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About Us

Our Mission: Sharing Adventure

Our trail names reflect both our approach to life and our aspirations.   Doug "Kaizen" Fish is the planner and organizer - he believes that if something is worth doing, then it's worth putting in a spreadsheet. His motto is "Better Every Day".   Donna "Strongbow" Fish is the researcher and trainer. She believes that there aren't many problems that more cardio won't fix. Her motto is "Bend Don't Break".  Together we are on a mission to share our love of the outdoors, and to help others experience the personal growth that comes with outdoor adventure.

The ADK46 Challenge

Climbing the High Peaks

The 46 High Peaks of the Adirondack Mountains are one of the top adventure destinations in the world. This October we traveled to Lake Placid NY as our base of operations to go after the High Peaks to raise money for Big City Mountaineers. We hiked and climbed in some gnarly weather, tough trail conditions, and even sustained some injuries in our summit attempts. We have summit reports and video recaps of our adventure on this site. 

Thanks Trail Angels!

You Made a Difference

We set an ambitious goal to raise $5,000 in less than 30 days for Big City Mountaineers. Thanks to the incredible generosity of our Trail Angels, we exceeded that goal by over 20% and raised over $6,000 for BCM. Because of those amazing and generous people, an entire team of under-resourced teens will be going on a fully equipped and mentored expedition with Big City Mountaineers. That wilderness adventure will help them develop critical life skills that they will have forever. Our BCM donors inspired us and supported us, and we can’t thank them enough

Video: Lower Wolfjaw Summit

Kaizen and Strongbow get right back on the mountain after being knocked down on the Gothics, and the rewards are tremendous.

Video: Gothics Attempt

Kaizen and Strongbow are faced with a critical decision during their summit attempt on the Gothics.

Video: Big Slide Summit

Kaizen and Strongbow hike into the Johns Brook Wilderness for a few days of incredible beauty and daunting challenge.

Video: Nippletop & Dial Summits

Kaizen and Strongbow return to the Adirondack Mountain Reserve, but this time they are ready for the challenge of parking.

Video: Tabletop & Phelps Summits

Kaizen and Strongbow finally see the sun on another two peak day, but still manage to get soaked.

Video: Whiteface & Esther Summits

Kaizen and Strongbow pull off another two peak day, but continue to battle poor weather conditions.

Video: Mount Colvin Summit

Kaizen and Strongbow plan to get two more peaks, but a parking problem sets them back.

Video: Cascade & Porter Summits

Kaizen and Strongbow get their first two peaks, but they experience some rough weather and muddy trails.

Adventure Blog

Video: Summit for Someone

Check out this great video which shows the transformational power of the outdoors in developing critical life skills in under-resourced teens.